The Care of your Yacht is essential for its wellness !

Work carried onboard Sunseeker 84’ Flying Sport!

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Job List:

  • Electrical System Review
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Replacement of complete air conditioning system
  • Replacement of lighting system including underwater system with closure of the hull holes
  • Overhaul of the Tender Lift hydraulic system (stern platform)

Work carried onboard Azimut 62’S

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Job List:

  • Gealcoat painting of the sides – Polishing of the superstructures – Steel polishing
  • Waterproofing the hull by replacing all the seals
  • Mechanical Maintenance & Replacement of Turbine gaskets
  • Propellers Balancing & Filling – PSS Seals Replacement – Guide Bushings Replacement – Bushings Replacement Foot
  • Electrical maintenance from the starter motor to the electric winch motor
  • Maintenance of hydraulic system Tender Lift (Immersion platform) + Flap.
  • New upholstery on the outside and Interior upholstery Dinette Celini bulkheads and carpet.

Work carried onboard Azimut Magellano 53’ 

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Job List:

  • Replacement Frame around the stern platform in solid Teak + Light Polishing Teak Aft platform

Work carried onboard Joker Boat Clubman 26’

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Job List:

  • Complete tubular removal
  • Complete polishing of the bare rubber boat
  • New Tubulars with new Carboon Gray look – Double black fender – white interior
  • New Smoked Windscreen
  • New closed cell upholstery – shaded gray color

Work Carried onboard Conam 58′ Sport

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Job List:

  • Generator disembarkation – Generator reset
  • Electrical system restoration
  • Aft technical compartment recovery (electric and gelcoat)
  • Ordinary Motors and Electrical Maintenance

Work carried onboard Mig 43′ 

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Job List:

  • Removal of teak decking from the stern platform to the cockpit
  • Solid Teak Application Cornices + Slats + Black Coments – Complete walking from the platform to the cockpit

Work carried onboard Blu Martin 13,50′

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Job List:

  • Disembarkation of engines – generator – fuel tank – battery pack
  • Refit Motors and Generators Only with original parts
  • Propeller Balancing and Filling – Pss Seals Replacement – Axle Bushings Replacement
  • Complete Change of All Seacocks
  • Dashboard upholstery & T top

Work carried onboard Baglietto 16′ M

Wooden Yacht

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Job List:

  • Replacement Wood Opera Viva aft part & Straight of Stern
  • Replacement of wheelhouse bushings
  • Landing and Boarding of Fuel Tanks
  • Periodic Inspection Certificate of Safety
  • Repair of emergency fuel locking tie rods
  • Overhaul of the engine room fire prevention system

Work carried onboard Tornado 38′ Flush Deck

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Job List:

  • Ordinary Motors and Electrical Maintenance
  • Platform removal and stern platform application with new steel and resin
  • Platform turn painting – Polishing of the dead work the blue of the sides and the white of the superstructure – Painting where necessary –
  • White dashboard painting
  • Creation of stern hatch for full access to the engine room with addition of hydraulic pump.
  • Twisting for closing the anchor roller in steel and replacing the plastic pulley roller with steel pulley for hauling and launching the chain and adding a tip to facilitate falling again

Propspeed application

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Work Carried onboard these yachts:

  • Azimuth pod – 3 Ips 1050 – Azimuth 77 s
  • Arneson – Mangusta 72 Surface Propellers
  • Surface propellers Jolly drive – Rizzardi 45 S
  • Surface Propellers – Baia 48 Flash
  • Poppieri feet dph volvo penta – Fiart 42 ‘Genius
  • Shaftline – Conam 46 ‘sport
  • Shaft line – Alalunga 72 Flybridge

Work carried onboard Squalo 40′

Wooden Yacht

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Job List:

  • Wooden transom mirror restoration
  • Engines landing

Work carried onboard Fiart 4seven

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Job List:

  • Complete Polishing Work Dead Walled & Superstructure
  • Zero hull
  • Ordinary mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Pod Transmission Revision with addition of oversized pump and more clutches.
  • Replacement of Air Conditioning System