Elan Gt 5 for Sale

Cantiere/Modello: Elan GT 5; Categoria: Nuovo; Lunghezza: 11,58 metri (fuori tutto: 13,20 metri); Larghezza: 3,91 metri; Anno di Immatricolazione: 2018; Anno di Costruzione: 2018; Dislocamento: 8650 Kg; Pescaggio: 2,45 metri; Scadenza Certificazione: 2026; Bandiera: italiana; Visibilità: Italia.

Materiale Serbatoi:inox;Revisione Motori:nuovo in garanzia;Capacità Serbatoi:146 litri;Tipo Carburante:Diesel;Motori:Volvo penta 50 1 x 50;Trasmissione:Sdrive


Scafo:vtr;Tuga:vtr;Coperta:vtr & teak


Dissalatore:Non Presente;Materiale Serbatoi:INOX;Autoclave:Presente;Tipo Boiler:ELETRIC;Boiler:Presente


Tensione:12\220;Generatore:Non Presente;N° Batterie:5;Carica Batterie:Presente;Capacità Batterie:100;Inverter:Presente


Bauer/Modell: Elan GT5;Kategorie: neu;Länge: 11,58 Meter (maximale Länge: 13,20 Meter);Breite: 3,91 Meter;Erstzulassung: 2018;Baujahr: 2018;Wasserverdrängung: 8650 Kg;Tiefgang: 2,45 Meter;Ablauf der Beurkundung: 2026;Flagge: Italien;Liegeplatz: Italien


Material der Tanks: Edelstahl;Revision der Motoren: unter Garantie;Kapazität der Tanks: 146 Liter;Kraftstoff: Diesel;Motoren: Volvo Penta 50 1×50;Antrieb: Sdrive


Rumpf: Glasfaserkunststoff;Deckshaus: Glasfaserkunststoff;Deck: Glasfaserkunststoff und Teak


Entsalzungsanlage: nein;Material der Tanks: Edelstahl;Autoklav: ja;Kesseltyp: elektrisch;Kessel: ja


Spannung: 12/220;Generator: nein;Nummer der Batterien: 5;Ladegerät: ja;Kapazität der Batterien: 100;Inverter: ja

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With the platform FOR DESCENT IN WATER, the option of OUTDOOR KITCHEN with the fridge, the grill and other common equipment ONLY on larger yachts. The cockpit of the GT5 is created to enjoy every moment with family and friends, offering ample sitting space and various innovative table options that turn into seats or areas TO TAKE THE SUN.
A clean design of the bridge ensures a quick safe passage, leaving space for a large sun area with dedicated cushions on the bow.

The space below deck is unique in its class. The Elan Design Team has implemented a composition of the DINETTE RIBALTATA with front galley, ensuring optimal use of the volume in the ample and comfortable saloon of the yacht. The frontal galley offers ample storage space with a customizable corner for the composition. CUSTOM THANKS TO 180 ° panoramic skylights with double windows, AI two doors MORE A large central door is possible to ventilate the saloon at any time. The new GT5 is also the only yacht of its size that offers a composition with a separate shower enclosure with 3 cabins, and 2 en suite bathrooms.
The new GT5 is available in two or three cabin compositions with the innovative arrangement of the DINETTE RIBALTATA with front galley and center saloon, ensuring maximum use of the yacht’s width. Both versions are available with one or two bathrooms. The separate shower is a standard in the two cabins and optional in the three-piece composition. The option of the second front bath is available with the two- and three-cabin versions, making the front cabin the main one.


To customer description.

To customer description.

The launch of the NEW GT Series will begin with GT5, a model inspired by the award-winning Elan 5. This yacht preserves the true essence of Gran Turismo in the sailing world, a Performance Grand Touring Yacht. It will have all the MANEUVERES RETURNED aft for the helmsman, to be able to maneuver without moving forward, leaving the boot clean and impeccable and ensuring a FACILITY ‘DOING EVEN IN REDUCED CREW The cabin will be a space for entertainment and relaxation thanks to its double-table system, sun bed option and ample storage. The cavers will be easy to cross, confirming the commitment to safety and ease of maneuver during sailing. The distinctive soft lines of Elan give this yacht the definitive touch for its appearance, in every port, you will inevitably attract all looks on you.